Web Hosting

Web Hosting Customized to Meet Your Needs

There are startup web sites or proof of concept applications suitable for small business and design demonstrations. When you grow past that you generally do not grow in the space and bandwidth demands alone -you require further Administrative control, dedicated resources, ability to modify server configuration and optimize the application. Beyond that there are dedicated servers, load balancers, content distribution networks and scalable storage. No matter the size nor the configuration, you can trust us to design and serve your online presence needs.

Web Platform Choice: Windows or Linux
Our hosting can be delivered on a Windows .NET server or a Linux (LAMP) server to accommodate whichever language your web application is developed on.

E-Mail Hosting
Web Hosting also provides full and secure email access to your entire company via POP3, IMAP or Webmail (SSL). This service does include basic SPAM and virus filtering, though most customers opt for E-Mail Essentials as the superior alternative.

Choice of Programming Language
Our Windows .NET hosting features a choice of three .NET versions as well as basic ASP scripting through FrontPage or Expression. On our Linux servers, we offer a choice of PHP or Python.

FTP File Sharing
Virtual FTP servers enable secure exchange and hosting of files for moving large files and attachments. Privilege separation allows you to create users that are restricted to their own directories for additional privacy.

Full DNS Control
Our hosting does not limit the way in which you are able to manage your DNS zones. We offer full access to modify the A, NS, MX, CNAME as well as TXT records to help you publish your SPF records.

Self -Management for Admins and Users
Web Hosting features granular user management-from the service provider down to the account domain administrator, and right down to the regular system user. This enables you to manage all of your domains centrally from a single location!


  • Saves on storage and bandwidth
  • All servers are geographically redundant
  • Provides assurance of service uptime
  • No limit on storage size and network traffic