Hosted Exchange + SharePoint

Communication and Collaboration

This is the next generation of affordable, reliable messaging and portal solutions with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Our hosting solutions are provided from data centers across the US, the UK and Australia and are protected Datalyst E-mail SMTP Security. Together with LiveArchive and a 10GB per mailbox limit, we deliver a powerful and scalable solution that even most enterprise clients cannot provide with in-house servers.

Here are a few feature highlights of our Exchange offering:

Exchange 2010
Enterprise Microsoft Exchange 2010 is at the core of our offering, providing a powerful messaging solution including Outlook 2010, Outlook Web Access 2010, Windows Mobile integration and powerful scheduling and messaging functionality.

SharePoint 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Team Services provides the online portal and groupware functionality, integrated with our Exchange 2010 Enterprise offering to provide seamless calendar and document management, task lists and powerful group collaboration.

E-Mail Essentials
E-Mail Essentials SMTP security offers protection from SPAM, viruses, malware and many forms of dangerous content. Mail is never deleted and junk is easily accessible if you care to review it.

E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive
In addition to the heavily redundant Exchange deployment, E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive features a massive failover system that functions as a replica of your mail server configuration. Mail delivered to Exchange is also delivered to LiveArchive, giving you peace of mind that you will never be unable to check mail.

Tiered Storage
10GB is allocated to each mailbox. This storage allocation gives you plenty of room for attachments, voicemail and document storage.

Administration Portal
Make changes to your configuration on demand through the administrative portal. You don’t need to know how to manage Exchange to utilize its full power. We have made management of users and addresses a snap! All changes are applied instantly!