E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive

Design to Keep You in Business

E-Mail Essentials is a complete mail solution, and nothing reinforces that statement more than LiveArchive. For the ultimate peace of mind, LiveArchive provides always-on, real-time, secure web access to your e-mail when your mail server is down, disconnected or undergoing maintenance – all without sacrificing your corporate identity.

LiveArchive Lets You Stay In Business
LiveArchive is a live, real time, secure mail server that gets a copy of all of your inbound mail. In effect, it provides a replica environment of your own Internet mail infrastructure from which you can work if your mail server or Internet connection go down without sacrificing your business identity or changing your address.

How Does It Work?
E-Mail Essentials accepts e-mail on your behalf and scans it for known threats such as SPAM, malware, viruses, Trojans and so on. After the processing is complete and all the policies are satisfied, E-Mail Essentials opens a connection to your server to deliver a message or, if the connection fails, it puts the message in a queue and keeps on trying until the connection is established and the message is delivered. With LiveArchive enabled, E-Mail Essentials makes a copy of the valid email and delivers it to a secure server in our data center. This server stores the message in your account and keeps it for a period of one year (365 days), allowing you to access your mail if you are for some reason unable to access your own mail server or that mail server is temporarily unable to connect to the Internet. Message delivery happens in real-time, even if your own mail server is offline.This allows you to collaborate directly from the archive server and read and respond to messages with 0 downtime and the knowledge that the mail will eventually be delivered to your server. All you need is a secure web browser!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive cost?
LiveArchive is included free of charge with your E-Mail Essentials subscription.

Will the mail still arrive to me?
Absolutely. E-Mail Essentials does not “redirect” messages, it copies them.

Will the mail still stream even if my Internet connection is down?
Yes it will! E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive receives e-mail in real-time, regardless of the server availability. You can be down for days, and nobody would know!

Do I need to maintain or manage the queue?
Not at all! You just have to enable LiveArchive and you’re set.