E-Mail Essentials FailPOP

Your Standby Full-Featured Mail Server

E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive was designed to provide businesses with enterprise grade business continuity powered by Microsoft Exchange 2010. While LiveArchive provides unparalleled business continuity with 1 year of free archiving, extended outages have a different set of requirements. Users are often offline, using mobile devices and outages can be permanent for days, weeks or even months. Using our experience in managing E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive and seeing first-hand how many businesses are affected by long term outages and inconvenience, we have decided to design FailPOP – your standby full featured mail server.


  • Access Mail via POP3 and IMAP4 using SSL encryption
  • Send Mail from anywhere using SMTP SSL
  • Compatible with virtually all email software and mobile devices
  • Stream your mail down to your server when it is back online