Hosted Solutions

Hosted Exchange + SharePoint
This is the next generation of affordable, reliable messaging and portal solutions with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

E-Mail Essentials
E-Mail Essentials SMTP security offers protection from SPAM, viruses, malware and many forms of dangerous content. Mail is never deleted and junk is easily accessible if you care to review it.

E-Mail Essentials LiveArchive
LiveArchive is a live, real time, secure mail server that gets a copy of all of your inbound mail.

E-Mail Essentials Web Filtering
The E-Mail Essentials web filter agent replaces many hardware and software solutions that provide we based content filtering. Block user from getting to unwanted websites.

E-Mail Essentials FailPOP
Access Mail via POP3 and IMAP4 using SSL encryption in case your onsite exchange server goes offline.

E-Mail Essentials SplitMX
Exchange server migration simplified by delivering email to both the existing onsite Exchange server and the new Hosted Exchange server during migrations.

Web Hosting
Redundant Data Center hosting of your website.